It is going to our continuous endeavor to provide complete solution for Industrial automation especially in the field of High Frequency Welding applications. We are authorized distributors of Toshiba High Frequency Tubes originally from Japan. We have ready stocks of wide range of High Frequency Tubes of Toshiba Japan for your HF Welding Applications in various types of Industries. As we are strong believer of diversification through this your business can grow in a multiple ways.

Apart from HF Tubes for Industrial application, you may contact us for similar accessories required in the HF Machine such as Ceramic Capacitors, 833A Bulb etc for HF Applications. Through the knowledge and commitment at Peak International, we like to diversify our activities by expanding into markets or products that are related to our current business. Like to expand our horizon so have join hands with Toshiba Electron Tubes & Devices Co Ltd., to promote their High Frequency Power Grid Tubes for India market which will cater to Industrial automation.

Toshiba has been making into Electron Tubes since 1915 and celebrates 100 years in business in 2015. Toshiba is known for their quality products across worldwide and committed to deliver best products in the times to come.

Building on the reliability and business performance achieved so far, Toshiba is committed and like to continue to pursue stable and continuous performance with their products across Globe.

We would be promoting Toshiba Tubes across India through our Delhi office and our Sales Network. Sonics is committed with a mission to assist customers and to add value to their businesses by meeting their ongoing requirements with high quality products at a realistic cost.